Fructul oprit sau doar un alter ego.


Lose your brain cells inside your soul and fight to find serenity in memories. Release the glory that you had in the abyss of broken glass that’s in the eyes of loneliness, expect redemption beyond the grave where you we’re born. Let the day begin in stars that follow the path of your desire and pass the words amunition to heart killers. Embrace love hurricanes like you’ll never do it, before the death angel comes. Be the master of the wish and never wear the crown of reality thorns. Always be the thunder of the gods and love gently like winter wind. Be the giant monster that’s unborn yet in your veins, release the spirit of insanity that heal your wounds. Read once again the bok that’s written in the blood of broken leafs. Let light inside the corpse you carry on and on, don’t be afraid to kill the giant thought of serpent god that never ends. You’re just the dreams of thousand worlds…that you will be my friend.


Stoarce neuronu'

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